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Sunday, May 27, 2018
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News Free Press Releases for Local News, and more...
About LocalNews.biz

News on the Internet is a wonderful thing that has allowed us to communicate events and opinions with people around the world. LocalNews.biz has turned that focus on to the to local news market, allowing the residents and businesses in a small geographic region to communicate with each other. LocalNews.biz is a FREE Press Release resource for people and small businesses that live, work and provide services to a local community.

LocalNews.biz provides a FREE way for the public to express opinions, thoughts, promotions, product reviews, events and any other news that might be pertinent to a local area or neighborhood. In addition to News, you can post information about your Web Site or upcoming Events.

Registration is simple. We only ask for your email address to validate that you are a real person. As an added service, LocalNews.biz provides an affordable means for distributing your news to specific markets across the country, or around the world. Sign up today and start posting your news on the Internet, in minutes.

How LocalNews.biz Works

To get started, follow these simple steps:

Step 1. From the home page, click on the MEMBER LOGIN link in the top blue bar. Follow the link the says, "Click here to register". Register by submitting your email address and you will be sent a password.

Step 2. Follow the link in the email back to the LocalNews.biz web site. It will log you in automatically. Save your password in the email for future login to the LocalNews.biz web site.

Step 3. Choose what you would like to do, Create a Press Release, Submit Your Event or Submit Your Website.

Option 1: Create a Press Release

First, enter the "Topic of Your News" and you may up to 3 categories from the down list. Next, you will be asked the "Headline or Title of Your News". Keep it short because you are only allowed 60 characters. Next, enter a "Brief Summary of Your News" (Limit 200 characters). The Headline and the Brief Summary are what will be shown on the main pages of LocalNews.biz. You also have the option of listing a web page that is relative to this new.

With this simple house keeping out of the way, you are ready to enter your news in the space that says "Type Your News Here". Once again, do not get too wordy because you only have 1430 characters (about 10 or 15 sentences) to convey your information. If you type more that, you will get a pop up that tells you this when you try to proceed to preview. You also have the option of uploading an image. If you upload an image, it will be stored on the LocalNews.biz servers and resized to fit on the web site with your news

Next, Preview your press release and either edit or publish it. If you choose to publish your news, it will be submitted for screening and review by the LocalNews.biz editors. If your news abides by the terms and conditions of the LocalNews.biz web site, it will be published online ASAP.

After creating a press release, you will also have the option of having it forwarded to local and national editors of newspapers and news services. This is done for a small fee by fax and by email. To choose this option, click on the ExtraPR link.

Option 2: Submit Your Event

Option 3: Submit Your Website

Questions? email support@LocalNews.biz

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