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Sunday, May 27, 2018
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News & Press Release Frequently Asked Questions
Question:  I have some News, but is every press release, promotion or informational release posted on the LocalNews.biz web site?

Answer:  No. Not all news gets published on LocalNews.biz. Following the general guidelines for submitting news that is outlined in the "Terms of Service," it is the sole discretion of LocalNews.biz as to what gets published and what is rejected and excluded.

Question:  How do you keep people from posting belligerent or offensive news and information?

Answer:  Before a press release, news, promotion or informational release is posted to LocalNews.biz, the submission is scanned by a computer program for offensive words. Next, each request is reviewed by an editor. If the content of the news falls within the LocalNews.biz guidelines, and is considered acceptable news, it will typically be approved and posted within 24 hours.

Question:  What type of news and information is not permitted and will not be posted?

Answer:  Users deliberately providing incorrect, potentially illegal, offensive information will, at the sole discretion of LocalNews.biz, be rejected and excluded from publication on the LocalNews.biz web site. If your news is not legitimate, do not bother submitting it becasue it will not be posted.

Question:  If my news is approved, how quickly will my press release, promotion or event be posted to LocalNews.biz?

Answer:  In general, an approved news or event posting will be published on the LocalNews.biz web site within 24 hours. During peak news or seasonal periods, however, the review and approval process may take longer than 24 hours.

Question:  What are the LocalNews.biz guidelines for acceptable submissions?

Answer:  Basically, use common sense when creating and submitting your news press release, promotion or event information. If a grandmother or a child would find the news topic, link, web site, photo or language offensive, it will probably not be published. For general guidlines, please refer to the Terms of Service.

Question:  I just read a something posted on LocalNews.biz that linked to something objectionable that is clearly not within your permitted guidlines. What should I do?

Answer:  Please let us know about things like this immediately by emailing us at abuse@LocalNews.biz.

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