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Wednesday, June 20, 2018
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Fluids Overwrapping Bags Market Size to Grow Steadily during Forecast perio
Release Date: 11/13/2017
Intravenous/Infusion therapy is a therapy that carries liquid ingredients such as IV fluids directly into a vein of a patient to deliver medications. The IV fluids are personalized as per body needs and are thus used to replace body's lost fluids such as salts, sugars, fats, and other vital substances essential for human body. Infusion therapy has become increasingly complex mainly due to the need for heightened safety with the introduction of new drugs, specialization of infusion protocols such as antibiotic therapy, chemotherapy, etc.

Thus a novel flexible infusion bag called as fluids overwrapping fulfills the requirements of evolving infusion therapy. Fluids overwrapping bag are manufactured from PVC-free materials such as aluminum foil, PP, Nylon, EVOH, etc. without any use of adhesives or latex. Fluids overwrapping bags are also in great demand in case of critical healthcare applications such as blood transfusion, dialysis fluids, parental nutrition, etc.

Fluids Overwrapping Bags Market: Drivers & Restraints

Fluids overwrapping bags provides the utmost protection of IV fluids from moisture, dust, etc. avoiding contamination during their storage, transportation, and handling which in turns pushes the demand for fluids overwrapping bags over the forecast period. Manufacturers, distributors, and suppliers of medical devices have voiced their inclination towards fluids overwrapping bags over alternative containers available in the market as they provide longer shelf-life with contamination-free storage, etc. Moreover, the cases of Infusion therapy, blood transfusion, dialysis, etc. has also grown over last few years, especially in developing economies. This has increased the demand for fluids overwrapping bags and has driven the fluids overwrapping market over the forecast period. Also, fluids overwrapping bags are highly compatibility in terms of drug storage thus fueling the demand for fluids overwrapping bags market.  However, initial capital investment incurred by key players in manufacturing of fluids overwrapping bags is likely to hamper the fluids overwrapping bags market. Also, with use of high-barrier films in the manufacturing of fluids overwrapping bags, leads to difficulties in recyclability of product.

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