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Wednesday, June 20, 2018
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Save Your Power Bills With Wireless Remote Control Sockets
Release Date: 11/23/2017
Smart devices enhance your lifestyle. This is what Baldar believes in and offer a range of smart products for the customers to enjoy a connected and controlled home. Balder offer products like kitchen series, digital clocks, thermo-hygrometers, weather stations and also power management units that help people to lead a better life. The innovative products in aesthetic designs surely enhance that appeal and functionality of your home. The remote control power socket is one of its kind from Balder that can be installed in your home so that you no longer have to manually switch on or off the power but can simply handle the task with the remote in your hand from a distance. As you can control the on and off of the power sockets it is easy to control the devices that are plugged in to the sockets to switch on or off as per your requirement. This remote operation is quite simply where you just need to know the code and the matching to control the power sockets. This helps in greatly reducing the extra standby power and energy usage to save on the power bills.

The wireless remote control sockets comes with the red light indicator for power on or off status and each of the socket can be controlled with a max of 5 remote controls. Similarly, each remote control can match to 4 channel sockets and each channel can have multiple sockets. This is really an innovative product where you can turn on or off the socket by simply pressing the button on the remote control. This device comes with a working voltage of 125VAC 60HZ and working current of 125VAV 10A. The maximum power of the socket is 1250W and a stand by power of less than or equal to 50mW.


2704 Fox Run Dr
United States

BALDR Electronic is a diversified company specialize in household electronic products. We are offering thermo hygrometers and jumbo digital wall clock at affordable Price. To Get more wall clocks logon to https://baldr.com.
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