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Sunday, June 24, 2018
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Top Quality Stop Valve Manufactured By Maniks
Release Date: 11/27/2017
Top Quality Stop Valves Manufactured By Maniks

What is Stop Valve?
A valve opened or closed at will (manually) for preventing or regulating flow (of a liquid in a pipe) is called as stop valve. Simply a stop valve is any sort of valve type that completely stops the flow of liquid flow through a pipe.
Stop valves is mainly used in plumbing or industrial applications to shut off the flow of (hot or cold) water to a plumbing fixture, such as an icemaker, toilet, faucet, dishwasher etc. Stop valves also allow performing routine maintenance like filter change and drain cleaning, and also to replace the entire design or appliance.

Stop Valve Function and Types:

Maniks manufactures Stop valves (MSVA) in angle-way and straight-way types with a Standard neck (MSVA-S). The stop valves are manufactured to meet all the refrigeration and industrial application requirements of customers and are designed to give continuous flow characteristics which are easy to repair and dismantle the valve whenever necessary.
The stop valve is designed to provide perfect closing and ensure a high system pulsation and vibration, which may be present specifically in the discharge line of the system.

Why Maniks?

Maniks is the most reputed Indian brand with a history of 30 years for manufacturing stop valves, stop check valves, regulating valves and many more. These are used in industrial process and in all refrigeration processes. The company was held by Mr. Shekhar Kulkarni, an IIT Mumbai alumnus, with a goal to substitute imported products with the Indian make products. The primary aim of this company was to produce reliable cost effective products with excellent quality and service.

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