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Sunday, June 24, 2018
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Clear Lending Offers an Easy Solution to Availing FHA Loans for Bad Credit
Release Date: 12/1/2017
Houston (US), 1st December 2017: Clear Lending, rated among the top real estate lending services companies in Texas, is helping clients with FHA Loans in the best possible ways. It specializes in FHA loans for bad credit, which has made it the go-to place for clients who desire to avail loans but do not have the perfect credit score. People with low credit scores, who have dealt with rejection earlier, tend to have lots of doubts and queries in their minds. The technicalities of the loan process often make it difficult for them to comprehend the eligibility criteria as well as the best mortgage plan under the loan program. Helping such customers has become the forte for the company as it solves all the queries of such loan seekers and also offers them the necessary guidance through different stages of the process.

Pre-Approval Form

The rejection rate in FHA Loans for bad credit is pretty high. While one can easily avail the benefits of this loan program with credit scores of 530 and above by making a down payment of 10%, those below this threshold often see their applications get rejected. To reduce the odds of rejection during the loan approval process and ensure that loan seekers offer all the relevant information, Clear Lending has introduced a pre-approval form. Loan seekers need to fill up this online form which is reviewed thoroughly by an expert team to identify their eligibility and also suggest analternative course of action if they don't meet the basic eligibility criteria. They guide clients in exploring the options of non-traditional credit history or insufficient credit when they don't have the required credit score of 530. This initiative has helped hundreds of clients borrow under the FHA program at the most attractive rates.

If you have any doubts and need answers with respect to FHA loans for bad credit, you can gather more information from Clear Lending's websitewhich is https://www.clearlending.com/en/. You can even fill their pre-approval form to know your chances of availing these loans.

About Clear Lending: Clear Lending (https://www.clearlending.com/en/) is a residential and commercial real estate lending services company dedicated to maintaining highest ethical standards to its customers, agencies, and lenders. With expertise in FHA loans for bad credit, it has been helping clients increase their odds of success and guiding them to the right FHA lenders for bad credit in Houston.
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