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Sunday, June 24, 2018
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Kill More Types of Bloatware with All-New Super Definitions Only in System
Release Date: 12/5/2017
As Windows evolves, one area of increasing concern is that more and more unwanted garbage ("bloatware") is launching itself at startup, which continues to slow the entire computing experience, even after the system is up and running. Another problem is that as computers become more powerful, more of your normal apps get smuggled into the startup process as well ("pre-launched"), so that they appear as though they launch quickly later, when and if you actually click on them.

iolo Labs has spent countless hours researching these problems and developing the most sophisticated solution on the market. Now, System Mechanic 17 introduces Super Definitions, a highly refined and vastly expanded new version of iolo's innovative program classification system - a major new evolution in the proprietary technology formerly known as Tune-up Definitions - to uncover and help manage many more of these culprit apps. Now drawing on a database of over 40,000 programs and processes, the new Super Definitions are the engine behind a completely re-architected Startup Optimizer, which in iolo Labs benchmark tests has been shown to speed up system boot time by an average of nearly 90%. But that's not all. Startup Optimizer alerts you to these unwanted startup items and constantly running tasks and services, and allows you full control over which non-critical ones to leave turned on and which you want disabled or delayed from launching. Paring down startup items results in a faster, more responsive computing experience overall. Recent benchmark testing shows that reducing common bloatware and pre-launched apps speeds up RAM, CPU, graphics, hard drive and more! iolo's new Super Definitions even ferret out bloatware that may be hiding as generic "SVCHOSTS" services that can run in multiple instances at the same time, each containing a whole group of hidden, resource-hogging services.

For more information about System Mechanic 17 Pro visit http://www.iolo.com/products/system-mechanic-professional
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