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Wednesday, June 20, 2018
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Creative Pro Office Offers Best Online Timesheet and Other Project Management Tools
Release Date: 1/9/2018
Project manager plays an important role in successfully completing the project on time and within the budget. The project manager has many responsibilities like assigning different tasks to the team members, taking care of the resources, meeting the deadlines, preparing and generating invoices, updating clients about the project status and many more that would surely cause lot of stress to the project manager in completing the assignments. However, now with the advent of technology and online project management tools that simplify the job of a project manager it is possible to complete a project more effectively and efficiently by the project manager without any stress. Creative pro office tools from Mycpohq are one of its kind helping the project managers to do more for less. The tools like office dash board display brings all relevant information of a project like tasks, current projects, open invoices etc onto a single platform for the manager to go through the information in a glance and take appropriate decisions on the project management.

The project manager tool presents all critical data in one tabbed view for the project manager to keep track on the project activities and also update the clients instantly. The online timesheet and job timer offers a daily view on the time spent on each task of the project so that one never misses out on the hour of the billable work. It is also possible to create and forward invoices on the time spent on the projects through the online invoice tool. The online invoice tool simplifies to create recurring invoices directly from the timesheet entries which can be forwarded to the client and also downloaded as PDF file to print paper invoices with the company logo. The task manager tool is also one of its kind in helping the project managers to take care of the daily tasks to be assigned to the team members and track the status on each task.


New York

If you are searching for web based office applications, then Mycphohq is the perfect place. We are providing the web based office applications to manage your team, clients, projects. For more details about project management dashboard software, please visit http://mycpohq.com/blog/tag/Projects
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