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Sunday, May 27, 2018
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A Few Compelling Reasons For Pursuing Mechanical Engineering | MITAOE
Release Date: 2/13/2018
Out of all engineering subjects that are offered by Indian academic environment, mechanical engineering has been considered below all others. It is true that it's a notoriously tough subject and it is not easy to fare through it. But does that implies that everyone should abandon it. To find the answer, we toured through some of the top B.Tech in mechanical engineering colleges in Pune and tried to fathom as to why students there chose this subject and why it should be pursued by others as well. there were several amazing points and facts that came to light. Let's take a look:

The graduate market is a pretty tough one these days. Whether you are a pass out from top engineering colleges under Pune University or B-tech in Information Technology in Maharashtra from any college, you will need to apply for masters in related subject. The job prospects are pretty low for most stream except for mechanical engineering students. It is one of the most evergreen subjects that has best job prospects even for graduates. While engineers from other branches play their respective roles in creating a better world, it is mechanical engineers that lay the foundation for everything using maths and physics laws. All you need to do is apply for one of the top engineering colleges in Maharashtra like MIT Pune and things going. Within six months of your graduation, you will either be employed somewhere or you will start with some postgraduate level program. The chances of sitting idle are pretty slim.

There are many who consider mechanical engineering as the mother of all engineering branches. It is the base for all other kinds of engineering disciplines and is thus known as foundation of all engineering's. Studying the base of all subjects is an enticing task as it will straight away provide you with a base level knowledge of every subject.
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