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Wednesday, June 20, 2018
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SET Exam 2017: The Best Choice For Undergraduate Studies!
Release Date: 1/11/2017
Young students in India are often overburdened with numerous responsibilities in terms of board exams, undergraduate entrance exams among numerous others. The students in their young, tender age are told to do numerous tasks at once where they cannot concentrate on one particular thing. Thanks to these activities, students never give enough importance on the course they wish to pursue, making it extremely difficult both for the parents and the kids at a later age. Since there are numerous repercussions to not choosing the right career option at the right age, it is of paramount importance for the students to streamline their interests and choose the best degree courses after 12th to become successful in their respective lives.
More than often, students who wish to pursue the best undergraduate courses are left with extremely few options to choose from, making it even more difficult for the students to think of a stream of their liking. Helping students during these times of distress is the SET Exam 2017. The Symbiosis Entrance Test is a common undergraduate entrance exam for all the institutes that fall under the Symbiosis International University. By choosing to pursue your undergraduate program in Pune at the prestigious Symbiosis Institutes, students are opting to pursue the best degree courses after 12th.
The SET Test 2017 comprises of 5 different papers in the following sections: Health Sciences, Engineering, Law, General, and Design. Conducted in two sessions, both in the morning and afternoon, the SET Test 2017 allows the students to take two examinations, one in the morning and one in the evening. Here are the institutes that one can apply for when through the morning session: Symbiosis Law School [SLS] - Pune, Symbiosis Law School [SLS] -Noida, Symbiosis Law School [SLS]- Hyderabad, Symbiosis Institute of Design [SID]. Along the same here are the institutes one can apply for through the afternoon session: Symbiosis Institute of Computers Studies and Research [SICSR], Symbiosis Centre for Management Studies [SCMS] - Pune, Symbiosis Center for Media & Communication [SCMC], Symbiosis School of Economics [SSE], Symbiosis Centre for Management Studies [SCMS]-Noida, Symbiosis School of Liberal Arts [SSLA], Symbiosis School of Culinary Arts [SSCA], Symbiosis Institute of Technology [SIT], Symbiosis Institute of Health Sciences [SIHS] and Symbiosis College of Nursing [SCON].
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