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11-year-old girl fatally shot in stomach by suspects riding scooter in the Bronx identified

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The incident happened just before 5 p.m. at 995 Westchester Avenue in the Longwood section.

NYPD officials say a man was being chased by two suspects riding a scooter headed from Fox Avenue to Westchester Avenue towards 165th Street.

The man then attempted to enter 1015 Fox Street, causing the scooter to pass him. That's when police say he began running in the opposite direction.

The passenger on the scooter then fired shots at the man.

Police say one of the bullets struck the 11-year-old girl in the abdomen approximately a half block away on Fox Street.

"You can't just move on from seeing something like that," witness Lillian Johnson said.

Lillian Johnson and Maya Jones were getting their nails done Monday afternoon, when from outside they heard yelling and then gunshots.

That's when the 11-year-old girl burst into the salon, desperate for help.

"She just kept saying like 'ow' and holding her stomach," Johnson said.

"We didn't know where it was, we didn't know if it was like her leg or her chest until we zipped down and we saw the wound, the wound on her stomach," Jones said. "And then she ended up passing out on the floor."

She was taken to Lincoln Hospital, where she later died from her injuries.