New Updated Version Of GPS Map Camera App, Finally launched!

GPS Map Camera App with Location, Latitude, Longitude, Address, Geotag & Date Time Stamp on Mobile camera Photo.

New Updated Version Of GPS Map Camera App, Finally launched!
GPS Map Camera App

GPS Map Camera App 

Track, Locate and Tag your coordinates.. 


  • New version of GPS Map Camera App android application now available in Google Play Store. 
  • Photo numbering, GMT stamp and various other features added. 

24, November 2022: GPS Map Camera, a prominent autostamp mobile applications development company that specializes in making autostamp photo and video camera mobile applications today announced the launch of the new and improved version of its GPS Map Camera App. The latest version 1.4.13 of the app now comes with the added features of GMT stamp,photo numbering and few others. 

GPS Map Camera App can now save manual locations as well. It has been equipped with supplementary templates and new coordinates, to improve the location accuracy. The app now features wind, humidity, pressure and altitude fields that could be added to a picture. 


Also GPS Map camera App now comes with additional features of writing a note or hashtag to associate with the picture. You can have more variety in the font styles of the displayed text now and can also insert your logo in the picture. 


Track your current location, locate its coordinates and tag it onto a picture with GPS Map Camera App. You can make use of this app while travelling and exploring new places. You could also keep track of your outdoor activities such as trekking, kayaking, river rafting, etc. with the help of this app. 


It maps the GPS location of your place, adds your GPS coordinates details on the photos and shares your live location using GPS coordinates that you could make use of while having destination celebrations or official events. GPS Map Tracker App also acts as a location tracker and navigation tool. 


GPS Map Camera App lets you accomplish GMT stamp data on your pictures. You can number your images sequentially and find them faster with the help of its recently launched photo numbering feature. 


The CEO of the GPS Map Camera Mr. Chirag Patel says, “We are very delighted to share that the new version of our GPS Map Camera App for Android, we had been working very hard on, is now released on Google Play Store. We really hope that this latest update will be able to satisfy our users.” 


He elaborated further “We have now added the option to enter the location coordinates manually and also added  various new font styles of the text to be displayed alongwith the GMT stamp and photo numbering feature to find photos fast with a digital image numbering system in our recent update.” 


Important points and features: 


  • One of the top rated android application in Google Play Store with 107K reviews and 4.2* ratings, having more than 10M+ downloads. 


  • You can select from different map styles such as normal, terrain, satellite or hybrid map for 

your location. 

  • It lets you add your current location data automatically or manually by entering coordinates.