Reno.Unique: Only 4 slots left for winter bathroom renovations this winter

The Reno-Unique company carries out bathroom renovations, restructuring of premises, basements and more. There are a few spots left for this year. We work in Montreal, Laval, Monteregie.

Reno.Unique: Only 4 slots left for winter bathroom renovations this winter
Only 8 slots left in Reno.Unique to book a winter bathroom renovation

Reno.Unique is one of the leading complete renovation companies in Montreal and surrounding cities. Our specialists carry out all types of repair work for apartments, townhouses, chalets, as well as plumbing, electrical and appliance installation work. We are experts in the field of interior decoration and renovation and have been working for more than 10 years. We carry out all work qualitatively and strictly under the stipulated conditions, at agreed and reasonable prices.

Bathroom redecoration

Redecorating is done to update the look of the bathroom. Includes laying tiles or gluing decorative panels, painting the room.

Major bathroom renovation

Major repairs include preliminary leveling of walls and floors. Our experienced craftsmen will be able to carry out this complex work efficiently and within a reasonable time. Be sure to change the water supply, sewage and electrician pipes in the bathroom. The redesign of the bathroom is completed by the laying of tiles, the application of decorative coatings, the installation of plumbing.

There can be no trifles in the finish of the bathroom. Bathroom renovation is a set of services related to electricity, water supply, sanitation, installation of equipment.

How to start a bathroom renovation?

Of course, with an assessment of the current condition of the room and measurements. Then a detailed estimate for the renovation of the bathroom is drawn up and, if an order is received from the customer, the future interior of the room is designed. If the coordination of the estimated cost of the bathroom repair and the interior project is successful, we enter into a formal contract and the team gets to work. By signing the contract, our customers free themselves from all worries - we take full responsibility for the purchase of finishing materials, we directly undertake the repair and removal of construction debris.

By prior agreement with the client, we will develop a bathroom design project for any type of repair.

The cost of remodeling a bathroom is one of the highest compared to other rooms. Indeed, in addition to the acquisition of finishing materials, which are mainly full things, it is necessary to purchase a whole set of sanitary equipment. Our turnkey bathroom renovation price is quite democratic and unchanged throughout the renovation process. We take into account all the wishes of the customer and, based on this information, we offer the most optimal options for finishing the bathroom, adapting to the available budget. Bathroom renovations are guaranteed for life!

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